Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds provide the following:

  • Protects your expensive interior décor investments from harmful UV rays.
  • Reduces undesirable heat gain and lowers your cooling bills
  • Diffuses light, minimizing the glare on television and device screens
  • Uniquely engineered, semi-opaque fabrics let you enjoy outdoor views, without sacrificing sun protection. 
  • Solar Blinds are available in 1%-10% openness which provide varying levels of privacy and light control.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds provide the following:

  • Roller Shades are constructed from a range of high-quality fabrics that provide varying levels of light control and privacy.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
  • Offered in varied light control fabrics from sheer, to light filtering, room darkening and blackout.

Cellular Shades

Cellular provide the following:

  • Sturdy yet soft fabrics elegantly folded into honeycomb-shaped cells form an energy-efficient barrier that keeps warm and cool air from escaping to ensure your room is comfortable year round.
  • Single and double cell constructions are excellent, energy-efficient options, available in a range of sizes to match your design and fit your specific window solution
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
  • Offered in varied light control fabrics.

Wood/Faux Wood/Composite Blinds

This product suite provides the following:

  • Warmth and character for any home.  
  • Provides light control and are a conventional sought after widow covering solution.
  • Our wood blinds are manufactured from North American sustainably harvested hardwoods.
  • Available in 2" and 2 1/2" widths in a wide variety of colors.

Layered  Blinds

This product suite provides the following:

  • These shades offer a modern take on light control with their alternating sheer and opaque fabrics. When open, the layers align, gently filtering light through the sheer material. The fabric blocks up to 99% of UV rays, protecting your interiors.
  • A very popular and stylish option for any home.
  • Mezzanine blinds are also very similar and further information is available upon request.

Exterior Blinds

Exterior Blinds provides the following:

  • Add a splash of style to your exterior by choosing weather-resistant, energy-efficient Exterior Solar Shades.

  • Create an outdoor living space that offers privacy and light control.

  • In addition to superior sun and heat protection for your outdoor living spaces, sunlight is blocked before it gets inside, lowering heat gain and cooling bills.

Sliding Panels

Sliding Panels provides the following:

  • Can be hung for conventional windows but are a superior option for patio doors.

  • Available in wide variety of colors and fabrics.

  • Panels can be constructed in various widths to accommodate varying scenarios.

Pleated shades

Pleated shades provides the following:

  • Filter sunlight and add depth and mood to your living space.

  • Select from a range of sheer to room-darkening options, as well as a palette of colors, patterns, and textures. 


  • Motorize your blinds and shades!

  • Bring ease and comfort to your home.

  • Powered by a quiet, dependable, robust motor and remote.

  • With options for every budget, our lineup of motors puts you in control—for convenience and peace of mind. 

  • Home automation is also available.