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30 May 2021

Myths about Salt Water Systems & Water Care

We get asked a lot about Salt Water systems and why our Hot Tub Spa suppliers (VITA SPA and H2O Spas) don’t offer a “salt water system”.

To be honest, we don’t believe in Salt Water systems, as we feel that they are more work, more expensive, harder on your components and……here is the kicker, it still has chlorine

Salt water systems have a cell or cartridge (that has to be replaced every 3-4 months) that causes a chemical reaction(electrolysis) with the salts (Sodium Chloride) and turns these salts into chlorine. So if you are trying to get away from Chlorine (the sanitizer), then you know what, you are not. There are also Bromine Salt water systems (Sodium Bromide) although they are now banned in Canada as Health Canada deemed these systems to be unsafe for consumer use.

Salt Water systems are also corrosive on your components and sometimes cause scaling on your Hot Tub acrylic surfaces. So much so that you may have to use products to remove scaling as well as reduce calcium levels in your hot tub, you be the judge but that doesn’t sound like an easy and care free solution.

We support and promote:

1. Filtration – proper filter maintenance, 24 hour circulation pumps, filtration cycles.

2. Ozonation – installation and use of ozone generators to assist your sanitizer system.

3. Sanitization - through the proper use of traditional Chlorine or Bromine sanitization systems.

A properly balanced hot tub is easy to maintain with the proper support. We have easy to use instructions, provide in person, over the phone, and email support, and offer in store water analysis.

If you are looking for Luxury Water Care System that is safe, simple and healthier, we also promote and carry an enhanced water care product called Mineraluxe. In our opinion, this is the best water care system on the market. It is extremely easy to use (3 simple steps, 5 minutes per week), is easier on your skin, makes the water feel softer, keeps your Hot Tub surfaces squeaky clean, your water crystal clear, makes it easier to keep all of your levels (PH and Alkalinity) balanced, uses less sanitizer, and protects all of your components from scaling and corrosion. We use this system in our Spa and LOVE it as do many of our customers. We have tried other systems and by far this has worked the best for us.

Owning a Hot Tub Spa doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a lot of myths out there, be buyer aware, do your research and ask lots of questions.

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