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Hot Tub

Absolutely! Our suppliers hot tubs are the most efficient spas and are specifically designed for Northern Climates. Our suppliers also use a NO FOAM FILLED insulation system which is far superior for accessing equipment. Similar to a heat recovery system in most homes, our spas recycle the heat generated by the pumps and equipment to reheat your water, which makes them more energy efficient than other manufacturers. Most foam filled spas have challenges keeping their equipment cool to prevent failure due to overheating and exhaust the heat from the spa cabinet, which is a waste of energy. There are also many cheaper hot tubs on the market that are not designed for Northern climates (inadequate insulation) which we often refer to the as California Tubs. They are inefficient and expensive to operate in Northern climates.

Under normal circumstances, the cost to operate your Spa will be $25-$30 per month in the winter, and significantly lower in the summer. Most of the power is used to heat your water. A 240 volt system will typically cost less to operate and will heat your water faster and more efficiently than a 120 volt system.

Softubs are built in Canada and have a hard foam shell (not inflatable) which make them very efficient at retaining heat. Softubs have a very unique design, ask us about their energy efficient and proprietary heat exchange system.

Prior to delivery, you will be expected to have the pad fully prepared and have already engaged with your electrician.

Included in the purchase of your new Spa is what we call an “Enhanced” curb side delivery service. We have years of experience but will not be responsible for any additional delivery costs if required. Safety for our Staff and your new Spa is our utmost priority.

We have specialized Hot Tub delivery equipment but we need clear (free from snow/debris/shrubs), stable, and flat access to your site. Clearance should be at minimum40” wide (gateways etc.) and up to 96” high (low hanging branches, eaves etc.) If there are any tight corners, we must be able to safely rotate the spa around the corner. Unless we can drive our trailer adjacent to the prepared pad, we will typically roll your spa on its side with our spa dolly and will safely lower it down with a purpose designed inflatable bag. If there are geographical or structural obstacles (up or down slopes, side slopes, stairs, high decks, archways, eaves etc.), this is something that needs to be reviewed with us in advance. You may be required to provide additional on-site helpers or hire a crane if we are not able to safely deliver your spa with our equipment and two labourers. If we are required to use additional equipment (winch, harnesses, ramps etc.), we may charge an additional fee for this service. These situations will be reviewed on a case by case basis and a site assessment may be required in advance of delivery.

We have a small selection 120 volt plug and play Hot Tub models, the majority of our Hot Tub models are 240 volt and will require the assistance of a qualified electrician.

Under normal circumstances, the cost to operate your Spa will be $25-$30 per month in the winter, and significantly lower in the summer. Most of the power is used to heat your water. A 240 volt system will heat your water faster and more efficiently than a 120 volt system.

All of the Softub models are 120 volt meaning you can be up and running with a dedicated standard household exterior receptacle. Ask us about Softubs energy efficient and proprietary heat exchange system.

Your Hot Tub Spa will need a flat, dry (no pooling water), and stable surface to sit on. Typically, this is either a concrete pad or paving stones. We also have many customers that have used 4 x 4 treated wood perimeters filled and tamped with crushed rock and/or a combination of pavers to make a flat, stable, and drainable surface. We have pictures of various site prep’s from other customers that we can share. If your pad is sloped, then you will be required to provide shim materials to level your spa on delivery. Depending on the amount of leveling required, we can provide some suggestions.
Unless it is a plug and play (120 volt) model, you will be required to make arrangements with your electrician to ensure that you have sufficient capacity in your home’s electrical supply, and to pre-wire and hook up your Spa on or after the day of your Spas delivery. We are not qualified to hook up your spa on delivery, we leave this to the experts! Most of our Hot Tub Spas are 240 volts (4-wire), requiring a dedicated 40, 50, or 60 amp GFCI supply. We will advise what amp supply is required for your particular model at the time of purchase. Cost of electrical is not included in the purchase of your new Spa, we do have some exterior grade GFCI breakers on hand if your electrician is not able to procure their own supply.

For plug and play 120 volt models, it will be your responsibility to ensure that there is a dedicated circuit nearby to your exterior location (within 10 feet). It is not recommended that there be other appliances on the same circuit (don’t want breaker to trip in the winter) and the cord supplied will have a GFCI. Extension cords are not recommended.

The exciting day has arrived! We will place your hot tub in its final destination with our specialized Spa Dolly equipment, remove the packaging and set up your cover and accessories. We will need you to be on site to ensure proper placement and to review operating and water care procedures.

If your electrician is on site, we will remove panels and assist as needed.

We will also provide you with a water care and hot tub operation orientation. You will be an expert hot tubber in no time, and we are only a call or email away.

Filtration is one of the most critical components to Hot Tub Water Care! Under normal circumstances and regular cleaning, one filter should last up to one full year. With average hot tub use, if you have two sets of filters and are alternating them while cleaning, you can expect the set to last up to 2 years. At minimum you should be rinsing your filters a few times per month and cleaning your filters with a Filter Cleansing solution monthly. A Filter Cleansing solution soak will remove oils and lotions from your filters pleats to ensure optimal filtration, sometimes your filters might look clean but if the filter pores are restricted with oils etc, then you will not get optimal filtration and will also put undue strain on your pump motors as they will have to work harder to flow the water through your filters. Filter maintenance and care is important.
While you can drain your hot tub in the summer, we highly recommend that you don’t. The cost to operate your Hot Tub in the summer months is extremely low and you will be surprized that you are able to use your Spa in every season. You can adjust the temperature down and enjoy all year round. Hot Tubs are designed to be wet, draining them exposes seals and plumbing to drying out as well as growth of algae and bacteria in the plumbing lines over the course of the summer. Restarting your Hot Tub in the fall may require several flushes and deep cleaning products to get it back up and running.
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in supporting our customers and we only deal with high quality reputable suppliers. You can be assured we have the expertise and ability to promptly support you. You can count on us to be there for you. See our testimonials!


We are motorized blinds experts and there are several options available. Most of our customers do not have prewiring in place and opt for low voltage (12 volt) rechargeable battery options available. The Internal or External Rechargeable batteries will typically last up to a year and only take a few hours to recharge with a plug in charger that is similar to a cell phone charger. There are also plug in and direct wired 24 volt motors and solar powered options available as well.

If you are building a new home and are considering direct wired blinds, consult with us early in the building stages so that we can review your options and engage with your electrician.

Also, ask us about Home Automation and remote control options and programming.

Timelines vary with the different seasons but typically range from 2-6 weeks from the time of order.
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in supporting our customers and we only deal with high quality reputable suppliers. You can be assured we have the expertise and ability to promptly support you. You can count on us to be there for you. See our testimonials!

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“Christmas Eve and we had a minor heating issue with our hot tub. A quick call to John and he was at our house in about 10 minutes with everything fixed! We were back soaking by that evening. Honestly, the best in the entire Kootenay region hands down!! Highly recommend for any of your hot tub needs!”

Kyle Wilkinson

“Heartfelt thanks to Sunset Blinds & Spas for all their support during the selection and installation of beautiful 2” faux wood blinds for a challenging bay window in an older mobile home. We were very pleased with the pricing for quality blinds and how they updated and made the room so cozy. It was a pleasure to work with Vicki & John who are kind and skilled professionals. We would not hesitate to recommend Vicki & John at Sunset Blinds for any customized window coverings.”

barb goertzen

“Vicki and John are a delight to deal with, they are extremely supportive and helpful, a joy to deal with. We are lucky to have Sunset Custom Blinds and Spas in our Community. I highly recommend them and will not hesitate to shop Local with Sunset Custom Blinds and Spas in the future. Thank you both for your excellent service!”

Lisa Trainor

“My husband and I ordered blinds from Sunset Blinds for our new home. John and Vicki came by with samples and did measurements, helped me pick colors that worked with our space, and worked around my schedule to make this happen. We purchased in 2022 and there were a lot of supply chain issues happening but John and Vicki were amazing to deal with. They were very communicative, sending updates on our order and really made us feel like valued customers. It’s rare to work with a company that makes me actually feel good about spending my money but they certainly did. I highly recommend Sunset for anyone looking for blinds.”

Kira Johnson

“Vicki and John provide fast, friendly, professional service.we are so happy we choose them for our blinds,they look great.we would highly recommend Sunset Custom Blinds & Spas”

Tammy Perepolkin

“Just bought my new hot tub from sunset… I was very impressed by the professionalism and expediency experienced. They carry an excellent product and all is as promised.”

Diane Walters

“We are thrilled with our Graber blinds. Vicki and John were a pleasure to work with…they were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, helpful…a great experience from start to finish. Would highly recommend Sunset Custom Blinds.”

Susan Schroeder