100% Natural The world’s first

The worlds first and foremost 100% all natural enzyme-based system that is an alternative Hot Tub Spa Water Treatment solution, especially for those who have skin sensitivity to traditional hot tub treatment systems.

Since 1996 Clear Choice has supplied tens of thousands of pool and hot tub owners throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK with one of the easiest and efficient all natural methods of keeping your hot tub clean and safe.

Environmentally Friendly and Hypoallergenic.

You and your family can now safely enjoy a healthy, inexpensive, enzyme-based solution for your hot tub spa.

Contains natural enzymes derived from plant and mineral extracts.

Sound too good to be true? The natural enzyme formula in this product duplicates Mother Nature’s ability to balance and thoroughly cleanse the water in your hot tub and spa, making it the ideal all-natural water treatment system for a crystal clear soak or swim.

Frequently Ask Questions

The Clear Choice water treatment solutions contain a full array of non-bacterial enzymes that can be found in a healthy body of natural water.

Clear Choice spa/water treatment contains a non-toxic surfactant (soap) that breaks down organic waste to a smaller size. The smaller waste particles allow for a much faster natural oxidation process to occur. Our spa water treatment also contains a special nutrient (food source) that sustains the healthy bacteria we need but will not feed any type of infectious bacteria we do not want. This ensures that the enzyme system stays alive and healthy between soakers and swimmers. The ingredients in our product are a blend of several types or classes of natural enzymes and co-enzymes that rapidly start the natural oxidation process and the self-purification of your spa/pool.

This natural spa water system was invented by a leader in the natural bioremediation field who has replaced traditional toxic chemicals in a multitude of industries including medical and dental, food processing, agriculture, wastewater, recreational waters, meat packing and aquaculture. More information is available on the ‘About Clear Choice’ page.
This natural system has been on the market since 1996 with great results and many satisfied customers. We are unaware of any claims or problems associated with health issues or performance. Quite the opposite! Our customers are extremely loyal and LOVE the effects of the enzymes on their overall systems in replacement of the old chemicals
Yes. A new hot tub is not necessarily a pure, clean system. Sometimes chemicals or other contaminants are run through at the factory, or the hot tub is not cleaned to Clear Choice specifications. To make sure your new hot tub runs worry-free, filter as directed in our easy-to-follow setup process.

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