Niagara 50 Spa

Price $12,700

The Niagara spa offers seating for 5-6 bathers. The design is built around an incredibly comfortable, oversized lounge seat, providing head to toe support, to relax your tired body. In addition to the large Massage pumps, it features a 24 hour circulation pump and ozonator as standard equipment.

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Seating Capacity 6 adults
Dimensions 90″ x 90″ x 40″ H / 228cm x 228cm x 101cm H
Water Capacity 400 gallons / 1,515 litres
Weight 950 lbs./430 kg dry; 4,950 lbs./2,245 kg filled
(All dimensions weight and volumes are approx.)
Standard Features • 50 Therapeutic Stainless jets
• 2 x 3hp High Volume Pump
• Gecko IN.YE Spa Pack with 4kw Heater
• Full Roxul insulation
• Marine Grade 4.5″ x 2.5″ Tapered Vinyl Cover
• Multi Colour LED Light
Standard Packages • Massage Jetting Package
• Efficiency Package
• Ambiance Package


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